One Hell of a Story was indeed turned into a CD. My wife and I printed up 500 copies and handed them out to friends and family. I also gave them out for donations at gigs. If you're just dying to have one, please shoot me an email. We'll work out a way of getting you one.

Here are the two images we used for the front and back cover. It's meant to look like I am being booked for some kind of crime. My shirt is ripped. There's also a harmonica in my pocket but it didn't show up very well. I wish you could see it better on the front cover but there is a kiss on my face. You can see it better on the back cover.

The band-aid on my head is meant to further push that it was a heck of a night - a Hell of a Story. The nasty smile on my face, though, indicates that I am perfectly happy with what happened...whatever it was. See the numbers on the slate? It's an inside joke. If you take the numbers on the slate and equal them to the alphabet, you come up with the letters, "Easter Egg." The back cover is fun. Every set of booking photos has the perp photographed from the front and then from the side so my wife thought it would be fun to have a woman's hand holding the slate. That's her hand with fake, press-on nails and big, fake jewelry. Fun. I then used Photoshop to lay in the text. It's a typewriter front called, "1942." I found it with a simple Google font search. Enjoy...

Front Cover:

Back Cover

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