If you're downloading the songs for personal use, they're free. If you'd like the music for a movie, video or any kind of project, then contact me. I'm sure we can work something out.

You can grab the music in WAV or MP3 by
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let me know what you think!

1. Too Many Notes (Instumental) (WAV)(MP3)
2. One Hell of a Story (WAV)(MP3)
3. What Kind of Sin (WAV)(MP3)
4. Superman (WAV)(MP3)
5. What Have I Done to Be
     Remembered? (WAV)(MP3)
6. Life (WAV)(MP3)
7. A Little Different (WAV)(MP3)
8 Hallelujah, Start Today (WAV)(MP3)
9. Nobody Cares That You're
     in a Band (WAV)(MP3)
10. Someone To Hate (WAV)(MP3)
11. So Damn Cute (WAV)(MP3)
12. So Damn Cute (Dave Pericone 1950s Mix)      (WAV)(MP3)

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